Hood Prop Rod

Show Car Hood Prop Rods 

The rod is constructed of high grade aluminum and comes standard in polished aluminum finish.

As anyone who has been to a car show knows, if it's a windy day you are taking a chance leaving your hood open as the wind often slams them shut breaking the hoods and latches. The KWIKTOY Hood Prop rod is a strut assist which braces the hood lift cylinder (hood shock strut) on the driver’s side to help prevent moderately strong winds from slamming the hood shut from the open position. It installs in 5 seconds, clipping into place and secured with a velcro safety strap. Obviously we cannot guarantee that the forces of nature will never overcome the ability of any such device but it would take a fairly extreme wind to do so. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum and designed so that if you pull on your hood hard with the hood prop still mounted on your car the hood prop will bend so that you will not damage your hood strut. To help prevent owners from inadvertently pulling on their hood with the prop installed we include a carabiner with a red "Remove Before Flight" tag to clip onto your hood striker as a reminder to remove the prop rod before pulling on the hood to try to close it. The KWIKTOY Show Car Hood Prop Rod is especially useful for Corvette displays, Car Shows, and dealership displays.

Note: Chrome, Painted or Hydrocarbon finishes are available at an additional cost.

If you choose POLISHED that is what you get. Colors and Carbon are $30 extra. Chrome is $45 extra.

Hood Prop Rod
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  • Item #: C5/C6/C7-HPR
  • Manufacturer: American Hydrocarbon
  • Condition: New
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Price $85.00