Fuse Box Surround

This is our newest creation!

A fuse box surround that cleans up the fuse box area and hides the A/C lines too!

The yellow arrows in the picture point to this piece.

This is a three piece set that includes the hood strut mount covers on the driver side also.

Made from hand laid fiberglass right here in the USA!

Finished in five coats PPG UV automotive clear then buffed to a show winning shine.

Easy installation with 3m tape.

Comes in our exclusive black hydrocarbon, color carbon, body color match and custom finishes.

OEM Fuse Box is optional and does not come with the fuse box surround.

Fuse Box Surround
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  • Item #: C6-1309
  • Manufacturer: American Hydrocarbon
  • Condition: New
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Price $475.00

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