Door Prop Rods

Show Car Door Prop Rods - Rubber tip on the door striker end for protection.

The rods are constructed of high grade aluminum and come standard in polished aluminum finish.

This device will hold the Corvette door partially open so that the interior of the car can be displayed. This prevents the door from swinging open into other cars, keeps the door from being closed by spectators so the display is undisturbed, and acts as an entry deterrent to keep people from getting in the car. This is especially useful for Corvette displays, Car Shows, and dealership displays as it allows people to view the inside of the car while maintaining access control. Also, your car’s electronics will sense that the door is closed and will shut off the interior lights. The rod is easily installed quickly and automatically locks in place so it cannot be removed without the vehicle key. It is self supporting when attached to the door striker and easily guided into the car door locking mechanism.  It can be removed instantly by unlocking & opening the vehicle so that access can be granted for show judges or prospective buyers. 

Sold in pairs and include simple easy to follow directions.

Polished is standard...colors, chrome and hydrocarbon are available at an additional cost.

If you choose POLISHED that is what you get. Colors and Carbon are EXTRA $50.

Door Prop Rods
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  • Item #: C3/C4/C5/C6/C7-DRP
  • Manufacturer: American Hydrocarbon
  • Condition: New
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Price $85.00