Cold Air Screen Plate

These are custom made in the USA from hand laid fiberglass. Fits all C5 Corvettes.

Stainless steel screen mesh insert.

Lets more cold air into the area where your air filter is producing a cooler intake charge and reducing the temperature in the engine bay which will allow the engine to run cooler.

Installs in ten minutes.

Hydrographic/Body Color Match Finish applied with 5 Coats of PPG UV Clear then Buffed to a Show Winning Shine.  

 Lifetime Warranty against Cracking, Fading or Peeling.

Drilling three 3" holes in the area behind the plate or cutting out the area with a sharp box cutter is recommended.


Cold Air Screen Plate
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  • Item #: C5-1262BC
  • Manufacturer: GM/American Hydrocarbon
  • Condition: New
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Price $345.00

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