Brake Booster/Regulator Cover

This is a Custom Made Brake Booster/REgulator Cover for the C7 Corvette

Made in the USA from Hand Laid Fiberglass.

Attaches with velcro for easy on/off.

Available in a two color version also.

Hydrocarbon or Body Color Match Finish applied with 5 Coats of PPG UV Clear then Buffed to a Show Winning Shine.  

Lifetime Warranty against Cracking, Fading or Peeling.

WARNING: Spilling brake fluid on the part will ruin the finish and is not covered under the warranty. This cover should be installed with velcro so it can be removed any time the brake reservoir is serviced or checked for fluid level.

Brake Booster/Regulator Cover
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  • Item #: C7-1510
  • Manufacturer: American Hydrocarbon
  • Condition: New
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Price $395.00

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